Property Owners

No One Should Notice Your Parking Lot!

When you really think about our view, that no one should notice your parking lot, it makes perfect sense! If someone is talking about your parking lot, is is generally not a good thing. With our simple plan, you can be certain that you will be able to maintain your paved and concrete surfaces surrounding your property for the least about of money. Most of the time you get 3 different estimates with 9 different scopes of work for your pavement maintenance. When you work with Neyra we:

  • gather facts- we have the most unique, simple and visual presentation in the market.
  • set a strategy- we can meet with you and decide the strategy that meets your needs.
  • design a plan- with facts and understanding established, now we write the scope.
  • execute- your hard work is over, and ours begins. Our scheduling and production process will make this simple.
  • measure- results are vital, but equally vital is how we accomplished the project and delivered on our promise.